The Best Sourdough Bread In Krakow (Poland)


The most beautiful city in Poland is home to really tasty sourdough bread. Let’s have a look at where to buy the best sourdough bread in Krakow.

Very serious wheat & rye sourdough bread from Breaking Bread.

Breaking Bread

5.0 rating

To many local sourdough enthusiasts, Breaking Bread bakes the best sourdough bread in Krakow.

Breaking Bread is located in a residential area near Galeria Kazimierz. It’s really just a baking space with a tiny sales counter, so there’s no seating.

The bread is light, with a crispy caramelized crust, and just a tiny bit of rye.

Price: Wheat and rye sourdough costs 14 PLN.

Wheat and rye sourdough bread from Chleb & More.

Chleb & More

4.0 rating

Chleb & More is a bakery and cafe near Galleria Kazimierz. Recommended for breakfast and brunch.

Some tables for sitting down and laptoping. Quite popular during weekends with nearby residents.

The bread was fantastic, very juicy, not very fermented, and with a relatively thin crust.

Price: Wheat and rye sourdough costs 14 PLN.

Rye and wheat sourdough bread from Bread & Spread.

Bread & Spread

3.0 rating

Quite popular bakery and sandwich shop located in the old town near not far from the rynek market square. Sells focaccia and pastries and has a tiny terrace.

Frankly, the bread can be a disappointment. The rye & wheat bread was heavy as a brick and felt amateurish.

Price: Wheat sourdough costs 14 PLN. Wheat and rye sourdough costs 16 PLN.

Meggido Cafe & Kosher Bakery

The most beautiful cafe and bakery on the list. Located in the heart of Kazimierz, this is a truly impressive place.

Meggido serves some of the best coffee in Krakow, including a range of three different batch brew choices.

Prices are fair and the location is spacious and comfortable.

Massolit Bakes

Massolit started with a second-hand bookstore and has since expanded to a cafe and even a bakery.

The philosophy is the same; create beautiful experiences.

Mikropiekarnia Pochlebstwo

Pochlebstwo is one of the best sourdough bakeries in Krakow, located in the vicinity of Kraków Zabłocie train station and the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory.

Price range: 16-18 PLN

Nasz Chleb

Very popular sourdough bakery in the Western part of Krakow, towards the Bronowice area.

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