Where To Eat In Poznan (Poland)

Poznan is a hidden gem in Poland. Low profile but one to remember. Poznan has a range of lovely restaurants for all budgets! Let’s have a look at where to eat in Poznan.

Best Pierogi In Poznan


After having eaten here dozens of times, can say that this is surely one of the better fast-food places in Poznan.

No-nonsense quick eats, available throughout the day, and quite cheap. Also, there are two locations you can visit.

Don’t come here for the service or in the search of a culinary experience, but make sure to visit if you just want to grab some quick typical pierogis on a budget.

My 5 favorite restaurants in Poznan

  • Pierogi: Pierozak
  • Pizza: Forni Rossi
  • Ramen: Zen On
  • Brunch: Lavenda
  • Vegan: Miłość

Best Pizza In Poznan

Forni Rossi

Fantastic pizza in Poznan! Visited maybe 10 times, and every single time it delivers.

Our favorite was always the “Star” pizza (with ricotta on the edges).

You may want to reserve if you come here on a Friday or Saturday evening.


Just in the city center, this pizza place is a decent alternative choice and won’t disappoint you.

Best Ramen in Poznan

Zen On

Good ramen and Japanese cuisine with nice service and lovely terrace.

Best Brunch In Poznan


This is a popular brunch/cafe just outside the Rynek. While not one to remember, it is popular for a reason.

Slightly crowded and pricey, but one damn good place to grab some eggs on a lazy weekend morning.

Best Vegan Restaurant In Poznan

Miłość – Kuchnia Roślinna

This was a nice surprise and a very plentiful portion. Just next to Garbary, and a couple of minutes away from the Rynek.


Busy vegan restaurant in Jezice, popular among the young crowd.

Best Vegetarian In Poznan


Popular among locals, this is a great place to discover if you don’t know where to eat in Poznan.

Best Sandwiches in Poznan

Meat Us

Fantastic Philadelphia steak! If you’re unsure about where to eat in Poznan, this is a good call. Really delicious burgers and American sandwiches.

Top Burgers in Poznan

Fat Bob Burger

Probably the most popular craft burger in Poznan, just 1 minute away from the main square.

Top Fine Dining in Poznan

Dark Restaurant

As the name indicates, the dining experience is ‘dark’. This place is meant to be one to remember, and surely good value.

Best Ice Cream in Poznan


Ready for dessert? You won’t regret this!! This tiny place has the most delicious ice cream in Poznan!

And now that you’ve eaten well, why not go grab a cup of specialty coffee in Poznan?

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