Affordable Oslo: Living In Oslo On A Budget


Oslo is an expensive city and there’s no way around it. Or is there? Let’s have a look at how to live in Oslo on a budget.

Buy cheap groceries in Grønland

Rema, Kiwi, and Meny are quite expensive supermarkets! Try to avoid buying there and instead head to the much cheaper supermarkets in Oslo.

You’ll find a great concentration of convenience stores in Grønland, right next to the subway.

Buy cheap pastries on Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is very popular in Scandinavia, and it’s a fantastic choice for those trying to live in Oslo on a budget.

If you’re on a budget, Too Good To Go has great daily deals where you can buy lots of food for pennies on the dollar.

Get a cheap haircut in Oslo

The most affordable hairdressers in Oslo are located in Tøyengata. You can get a haircut from around 200 NOK.

Beware that many of them want you to pay in cash.

Grünerløkka has the best second-hand clothes shops in Oslo.

Eat cheap food

The best value for money is generally either falafel, kebab, or Indian food.

However, I think that for a slight increase, you can get much nicer food at the food courts.

The best falafel in Oslo

Without any doubt, King Falafel, in Grønland, has the falafel, and it’s quite cheap.

The best cheap Indian food in Oslo

There’s little question that Punjab Tandoori is the best of the affordable restaurants in Oslo. Consistent quality and freshly made delicious food at a super competitive price.

Oslo Street Food

Barcode Street Food

Buy second-hand clothes

Fretex is a chain of thrift shops where you’ll find second-hand clothes in a nice shop environment.

There are multiple Fretex shops around the city, with most being in the center or near Grünerløkka.

Find cheap accommodation

The best ways to find cheap accommodation in Oslo are Finn and Hybel.

Remember that Oslo is a pretty tough and expensive place to find housing, so make sure you check those sites in due time.

What next?

Check out some cheap restaurants in Oslo, try the Oslo sauna culture, or find the best sourdough bread in Oslo.

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