Specialty Coffee In Yerevan (Armenia)


Do you need a cup of tasty coffee in Yerevan? You probably just landed in Yerevan or arrived on the overnight train from Tbilisi and have only one question in your head: Where can I find specialty coffee in Yerevan? Yeah, been there; done that. Let’s talk about the best coffee in Yerevan.


My favorite specialty cafe in Yerevan, Lumen is a clear exponent of the third-wave coffee shop trend. I’d start here as they served the highest quality coffee beans I tried in Yerevan.

Lumen roasts its coffee (on a beautiful Giesen roaster) in its integrated shop/cafe. Lumen sources green coffee from top specialty coffee importers. To many local specialty coffee enthusiasts, Lumen is the best cafe in Yerevan.

Here I was able to order a very fine batch brew which paired very nicely with the delicious cheesecake.

Plenty of space at Ground Zero, which is well suited for laptoping.

Ground Zero

A popular option, Ground Zero is one of the best coffee shops in Yerevan with plenty of sitting space and a good selection of breakfast and coffee. The coffee was good but on the pricey side (an Aeropress was over 4.5 USD.

Interestingly, here you’ll find Armenian teas. I tried the black tea and it was a very correct black tea blend perfect as an early morning infusion.

Probably the most impressive thing about this cafe is that each sitting place has three electricity plugs available.

Hayk Coffee Roasters

Located just a minute away from Ground Zero, Hayk is a tiny local roaster and makes for a good alternative to Ground Zero.

As you can see, Hayk offers a more cozy experience, as well as an interesting range of roasted beans including Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia.

The vibe on a weekday was 100% women, about 50/50 split between remote workers and fancy Russian socialites.

Unfortunately, the coffee quality was a bit of a disappointment, but it may be that the profiles are selected for the Armenian coffee palette.

Nero Coffee’s cafe and its Probat roaster.

Nero Bean – Coffee Roastery

Also in the center, you’ll find Nero Bean, another popular high-end cafe in Yerevan, and clear proof that one can indeed specialty coffee in Yerevan.

Located in a business center, surrounded by offices, other cafes, and restaurants, this is not my top cafe in Yerevan, but it’s still worth mentioning and just around the corner if you’re staying at Kantar.

Next steps

How about visiting Tbilisi or Kutaisi? Have we forgotten your cafe? Let us know in the comments!

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