The best specialty cafes in Rzeszów (Poland)


Located in Poland’s Southeastern near the Ukrainian and Slovak borders, Rzeszów has seen better days, but the Ukrainian war has improved its vitality. Keep reading to find out where to find the best specialty cafes in Rzeszów!

Specialty coffee in Rzeszów

The city is no specialty coffee capital, yet there are several decent places to get a cup of memorable filter coffee in Rzeszów. If you can’t take the uncertainty, remember you’re just a couple of hours away from Krakow and Lviv, both boasting a much more vibrant coffee culture.

Dziarki Barista with focaccia from mikropiekarnia.

Dziarski Barista

Certainly the most popular place in town, this cafe is located less than a minute away from the main square, the Rynek. The crowd is mostly university students and beautiful faces – the music is tasteful and not too loud.

There are a few places to sit and work, and the internet seems decent. Overall I think it’s a pretty nice place to hang out, and even meet people. You can also find here plenty of beans, from Polish and occasionally international roasters.

You may also want to know that there’s a micro-bakery just in front of the cafe that sells outstanding sourdough bread and treats at affordable prices. You can also grab lunch there (focaccia, brioches, some toasts) as the owners seem to be the same as in Dziarski Barista.


Styled a bit less like a modern specialty coffee shop and more like a cake cafe, this place is also really central and serves tasty coffee and pastries.

Personally, I think this is the better places to sit and work from, as it has better tables and chairs than any other nearby cafes.

Powoli Cafe

Tiny entrance but has lots to offer as you can see. This is another great alternative if you’re trying to get some work done, again just a stone-throw away from the main square.

Nice vibe and a decent selection of beans for hand-brews, as well as 2 beans for espresso, the home blend plus a funkier option.

Momento Roastery cafe.

Momento Roastery

Situated about 20 minutes walk from the center, the Momento Roastery cafe is equipped with a few nice tables with electrical plugs. The coffee selection is pretty good and it doesn’t get too crowded!

One important thing to mention; if you’re on a workation or if you’re a digital nomad planning to get some work done, beware that the internet wasn’t good.

Kawa Rzeszowska.

Kawa Rzeszowska

Less than a minute away from Coffeina, this cafe is also a good alternative to grab a lovely beverage.

You should know that the cafe is not quite laptop-friendly and it did not offer wifi when I visited in May 2024.

Other Rzeszów tips

Are you also a digital nomad? You’ll need more than coffee to survive! The city is clearly not a top destination in itself, but it’s very Polish, so you get to experience what was it like before Poland became wealthier and more international.

Bobby Burger

Decent burgers at very affordable rates. Grab lunch here for 30PLN including a burger, fries, and soft drink. Also, it’s not a bad place to work from.

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