The Best Sourdough Bread In Oslo


Sourdough bread is one of the simplest and most rewarding pleasures. Luckily Oslo has a vibrant sourdough community. Let’s review the best sourdough bread in Oslo.

The best sourdough bread in Oslo:

  1. ille brød
  2. Kveitemjøl
  3. Farine

ille brød

The OG of sourdough bread in the Oslo scene. Located in Grønland, ille brød is probably the most popular sourdough bakery in Oslo, and deservedly so.

The only issue is that bread is quite expensive, starting at about 135 NOK per loaf or 80 NOK per baguette.


My favorite sourdough bakery in Oslo. Kveitemjøl bakes truly delicious bread and pastries, from regular sourdough bread to delicious NY rolls.

As an insider tip, Kveitemjøl is quite active on Too Good To Go, which means that you can often pick a leftover bag after 17h for peanuts.


Farine is a pretty decent bakery and quite a popular cafe in Kampen.

In my friend’s words: “It’s a good bakery! Not the best, but solidly good”.

Åpent bakeri

Although Åpent bakeri is a chain of about 19 shops, the sourdough bread is delicious too.

While not strictly a sourdough bakery, it still has one of the better breads in Oslo.

W.B Samson

W.B. Samson is a bakery founded in 1894 in Oslo, Norway, thus claiming to be Oslo’s oldest bakery. Today, W.B. Samson has over 25 bakeries in Oslo and Akershus.

Samson’s signature Vigeland sourdough bread costs about 85 NOK and is among the best in the list.

Samson’s flagship shop is always a good stopover when shopping in the city center.

Baker Hansen

The most commercial bakery in Oslo on the list. Baken Hansen is your last resort, but the sourdough bread here is also acceptable.

Baker Hansen is quite a chill-vibe cafe, filled with pastries and reasonable coffee. Probably the best thing is that there are so many shops, you can always buy bread.

Other treats in Oslo

Let me also recommend some cheap food in Oslo, as well a visit to the sauna city in Oslo.

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  1. Been living in Oslo long enough to know that the one and only sourdough bread in town is ille brod. Unfortunately it’s so expensive. But yes it’s the absolute best.

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