What To Read On The Road?


The road is long, and you may as well read some beautiful books along the way. But where to start? I’d start with these three books for traveling.


“Siddharta” shows the search for true self and meaning. Its journey is universal, tapping into the core of human experience.

Hesse captures the spirit of seeking and finding peace. The characters and their struggles resonate deeply, mirroring our own. It’s a poetic tale, simple yet profound, guiding readers to introspection. This book doesn’t preach but inspires, making each reader’s path a unique discovery.

Its wisdom is timeless, echoing through generations. “Siddharta” isn’t just a book; it’s a companion for the soul’s journey.


“1984” captures the raw essence of a dystopian society where Big Brother reigns supreme. Orwell’s mastery lies in his ability to paint a vivid picture of oppression and government control.

The book captures the fear of a society controlled by total surveillance and absolute power. Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future hits hard, showing the struggle for truth and freedom.

There’s no question that 1984 anticipated many of the current societal debates in the field of AI, and the dangers of highly technological authoritarian states.

The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov” is a wild, beautiful ride through the depths of the human soul. Dostoevsky paints the raw, electric tension between faith and doubt, love and hate, in such vivid, pounding prose.

The Karamazov brothers live and breathe on the page, their struggles universal and timeless. It’s the ultimate exploration of human nature. A spiritual quest wrapped in a murder mystery, it challenges and inspires, dragging you into the darkest and brightest corners of existence.

It’s the book that makes you feel, think, and understand the profound chaos of being alive.

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