Oslo On A Budget: Cheap Restaurants in Oslo


Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Eating out in Oslo is a luxury, even for locals. Yet there are some hidden gems where one can grab some food on the cheap. Let’s talk about the best cheap restaurants in Oslo.

So, where to find cheap food in Oslo?

  • Cafes (7-25 EUR)
  • Ramen (18-25 EUR)
  • Cheap Indian (10-20 EUR)
  • Food courts (15-25 EUR)
  • Affordable restaurants (+30 EUR)

Cheap Ramen In Oslo

Hrimnir Ramen

Hrimnir is my favorite ramen place in Oslo (visited 15+ times). The ramen here is one of the best I’ve ever tried. In my view, this is Michelin-level food (Bib).

However, service is usually not on par, so one needs to factor that in. I’d recommend reserving, as it’s generally pretty full.

Compared to Koye (listed below), the ramen here is denser, more intense, and more “fermenty”.

Koie ramen.

Koie Ramen

Another popular choice: Koie ramen is a good option for some quick ramen with two very good locations in Oslo and a restaurant in Trondheim and another in Gothenburg.

Minimalist place, decent quality, somewhat light-style ramen. Visited over 20 times, and still a place I come back to every now and then.

Koie near the Munch Museum

Koie near Torggata

Cheap Indian Food In Oslo

Punjab Tandoori

Simple no-nonsense eatery in the Gronland area. A favorite of many of us, with daily deals at about 105 NOK. Most likely you won’t spend more than 150 NOK.

Among the cheap restaurants in Oslo, I truly believe it’s going to be hard to find better value for money than Punjab Tandoori in Oslo.

Cheap Foodcourts In Oslo

This new format is a great way for those after the best cheap eats in Oslo. The idea of the food court is to aggregate multiple culinary experiences so that you and your friends are all happy. It’s also the best way to find cheap food in Oslo.

Oslo Street Food

Oslo Street Food is a safe bet if you want a few decent choices “from all around the world” under 25 EUR or so. My personal favorite here is the Smash burger place and Silk Road Central Asian food.

Barcode Street Food

A newer addition to the Oslo cheap food circuit, Barcode Street Food is a good choice.

It features a range of options from Indian, to Greek, fish and chips, and more. I generally pick Dirty Vegan or Tunco.

In the Barcode / Oslobukta area, you’ll find cozy places such as Holzweiler Platz.

Cheap Cafes In Oslo


Delicious sandwiches and pastries in Aker Brygge. Their sourdough bread is terrific. Kveitemjøl is in my view the best bakery in Oslo.

This place is perfect for a cheapish sandwich lunch (expect 100-150 NOK) or coffee and pastries break.

Also, if you’re lucky, you can get some goodie bags through Too Good To Go (keep reading to learn more about it).

Holzweiler Platz

Fancy and lovely, Holzweilder Platz in Oslobukta, is a new stylish cafe with friendly affordable rates and a quality menu. Coffee quality is also excellent and it is roasted by Supreme Roastworks.

Let me recommend reserving, as it’s a crowded place. However outdoor seating and 20% of the tables inside are available for drop-in.

Affordable Restaurants In Oslo


Don’t overthink it, most likely this is your best choice.

This is an excellent place and outstanding value for money, in the Oslo context. Come here for lunch and get some great deals.

Not only is it one of the most popular locations in the St. Hanshaugen area, but it’s also been recognized by Michelin with a Bib.

Budget-wise, you’ll spend something like +300-500KR per head, or about 30-50 USD.

Another tip, grab a wine or drink nearby at Cafe Rouleur just 50 meters away. It has a great young bohemian vibe, is very popular year-round, and even has a cozy fireplace during the winter months.

More cheap eats in Oslo

Another tip for those who want to save some money in Oslo. Get the Too Good To Go app. This app is meant to find a home for unsold food instead of having to throw it away.

There are some FANTASTIC deals on this app. Try to buy from these places:


This is the best deal in town. Sentralen Cafe is a very good place in any case, fantastic for laptoping and working. And its Too Good To Go deal is usually unbelievable value for money.

You’ll likely get some actual sandwiches, focaccias, or salads. Personally my favorite place!

Baker Hansen

Baker Hansen, which is also a nice place to grab some cheap sandwiches in town, is always there. Generally, you can pick a bag for about 50KR. Bag content varies per location and date, but most likely you’ll get a full loaf of bread and some pastries. Occasionally you’ll get some sandwiches too.

Baker Hansen is a chain of shops with multiple locations, find the closest to you on Google Maps.

Åpent Bakeri

Safe choice with a simple selection of sandwiches, pastries, and more. A few locations around town make it one of the better cheap restaurants in Oslo.

Just like Baker Hansen, Åpent Bakeri is a chain of shops with multiple locations, find the closest to you on Google Maps.

What else?

Don’t miss the chance to visit the saunas in Oslo!

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