You’ve Got Only 30 Years


Life is tricky, and before we know it’s over. I remember my mom telling me in my late teens how that was going to be the best time of my life. I did not pay attention then, but now I know, and here I am to tell you about it.

The idea is as follows; you have about 30 years from teenage years to being too old. So, from about 16 or so, all the way to 46. Beyond that, you’re quite old already.

So, what do you even mean?

Chapter 1: Age 16 to 21

Here you’re new in the world of adulthood, in some countries, you can’t even drink until 21. That’s how young you are.

For most, this is the period where you lose your virginity, finish high school, and go to college.

You’re so young that you’re not even done with your biological development. This means you’re not even fully an adult. This is kind of weird, cause you already have all of the privileges and responsibilities.

Chapter 2: Age 21-26

This second stage is where many of us started working full-time, pursuing a career of some sort. Maybe you study a masters or advanced degree, but in most of the world (except maybe Scandinavia/Northern Europe) people spend most of their daily life working.

Here, most likely you’re poor, or not very rich. You can’t even rent a full apartment, most likely you’ll be sharing with others in a similar situation.

You’re healthy, fit, and beautiful. Everything works. You’re full of energy and can work or party like there’s no tomorrow.

Many here also abuse alcohol and recreational drugs while not exactly feeling any consequences. Well, the consequences usually come in the form of early aging. Behaving and not drinking, or being reckless will help you later in life.

If you’re a woman, this is your prime time, and where you’ll be getting the most attention and interest from men. That also means that while not currently in fashion, this is where you are the most fertile. Things get harder from here.

Chapter 3: Age 26-31

If you’re a guy, this is most likely the best time of your life. You’re just fully built (men complete biological development of the frontal lobes as late as 25). You’re young, likely energetic, and you already started earning decent money if you played your cards correctly.

Many Westerners find a serious couple and marry in this chapter of their lives. This is indeed an excellent time for that. You’re young enough to have plenty of options, and everyone else too.

Quite a lot of people start having kids here, and indeed it’s an excellent time. You’ve got loads of vitality to deal with the sleepless nights and challenging learnings.

Chapter 4: Age 31-36

Here things start changing quickly. You’re just not young anymore. You could already be a parent of a teen; in some extreme cases, one can even be a grandparent. That’s a good reminder that time is ticking.

For those who worked hard, this is a time when money is already kind of taken care of. You may have bought an apartment and find yourself paying a mortgage.

As a man, this is still a fantastic time to find a girl. Most likely it may even be better than a few years ago, ironically. You may have more money, a more defined character, and better understanding of what you want.

For many women, this is getting into red territory. If you want to have kids, this is the last opportunity for it to work naturally. The next chapter may be too late.

Chapter 5: Age 36-41

Forget it, you’re not young anymore by any standard. Don’t pretend. No one will believe you anyway.

You’re likely bolding or full of white hair if you’re a man. You’ll feel weaker, less energetic, and more confident about yourself. Don’t underestimate that.

As a woman, it’s tricky, if you’re still single but want to have kids, you’re getting yourself in trouble. You’re not competition to someone in their low/mid-twenties. Life is really tough.

For those with families and mortgages, this is a lustrum of growing kids and spending time with family.

Those that are full-on career-focused will miss the developmental time of their kids chasing that promotion. Is this a good trade? You’ll know.

Chapter 6: Age 41-46

It’s getting late. Not only you’re not young anymore, here you’re getting old very quickly.

Health is getting dicey. Depending on how lucky you are, you may still be quite fit, but let’s be honest, that’s the minority. Most of us here will start to look old and gone.

For the most part, you may have a family, likely even kids.

Some of you are still out there single and free. Well, got some bad news, you’re not young and beautiful. So beware. Sort that part out earlier.

A closing note, women in this bracket will most likely not be able to have kids, although that’s changing thanks to modern technology. But it’s a gamble.


Be aware that life goes by so fast. Next thing you know you’re already 25, 30 or 45. You blink an eye and it’s gone.

So don’t waste your time. Chase your dreams, build connections, and cool projects. Your body is your temple; take good care of it.

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